We have big news to share

The Hostmaker team are very happy to announce that we have closed a new £5 million funding round, taking our total funding to £7.5 million – more than any other airbnb management company in Europe!

Since 2014, we have grown 8 times the size of what we were, and thanks to our backers Ventech and DN Capital, we can grow even bigger. With plans of developing our tailor-made pricing algorithms even further, hiring more of the best and brightest, and enhancing our technological capabilities, Hostmaker will now be able to support more happy hosts than ever before.

“Over the last few years, we have seen a fundamental change in how homeowners view their home as not just their private space but as a space to be shared. Hostmaker brings the modern homestay together with gold standard hotel-style hospitality, to enhance the Airbnb experience. We want the short-letting experience for homeowners to be as easy as flicking a switch on”

Nakul Sharma, Founder and CEO of Hostmaker

“Thanks to its founder experience in the hospitality industry, Hostmaker brings the most sophisticated capabilities from the traditional hotel operators to the booming on-demand rental business. It brings tremendous value to Airbnb hosts by providing a hassle-free solution rewarding them with best in class yields and to guests by ensuring a consistent level of service on par with hotels”

Alain Caffi of Ventech

“We are very excited to be backing Hostmaker’s journey to building the ultimate platform for Airbnb and distributed hotel services. This proposition takes all the pain out of letting your home and will become the backbone to the home-rental economy. The Hostmaker management team has excelled over and over again, and is now clearly Europe’s number one player in a fast-growing space.”

Nenad Marovac of DN Capital


Interested? Why not dip your toe in the pool and see how much income your home could generate by using Hostmaker’s pricing calculator here. Or if you’re ready to take the plunge, contact Hostmaker today at london@hostmaker.co.

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