Meet the Design Team

At Hostmaker, we pride ourselves on hiring the best and brightest pigeons from around the world to make sure that in whatever way we service your home, we have a terrific team of people behind it. That’s why we’ve decided to create a new monthly blog series, with each post focusing on one of Hostmaker’s departments to tell you more about our wonderful flock!

This month, we’re shining a spotlight on our dynamic design team: Lauren, Laura and Becky! From soft furnishings to complete interior makeovers, this tip-top trio have got you covered from start to finish.

lauren-chief-interior-illuminatorLauren Framp

Hostmaker Lead Designer since May 2016

Lauren grew up and lived most of her life in New Zealand in various cities across the North Island. After finishing off high school on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, she studied Design at Massey University. While she began her working life in advertising, Lauren soon pursued her real passion of interior design and styling and moved to London in February of this year.

“I am really excited to be part of a growing and exciting business, doing what I love, and making our clients happy!”

Favourite place in London: Greenwich. I love the quaint little streets, the big Greenwich park and the sweet little markets that are there too. It’s feels like a mini getaway from busy London.

The home that you are most proud of: Michael’s home in Islington

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Current interior design trend that you are obsessed with: Any sort of aged raw material like rustic oak, decaying concrete or weathered brick. Mix it in with a few spots of metallic, soft hues and some fur and I think it’s gorgeous. I suppose you could call it ‘Raw Chic’? Green also seems to be a very popular colour at the moment which I am excited about!

Quick design tip: Pick a colour scheme to help refine your design. This can be tailored to any style or look and will help unify the whole look. Stock up on cushions, throws and artwork (nothing cheesy though) to add softness and personality to your apartment. Its the easiest trick to make a house a home!

laura-interior-illuminatorLaura Ward

Hostmaker Designer since August 2016

The newest member of our dynamic design team, Laura, has had an equally dynamic working life after studying set design at Nottingham Trent University. She first worked on a creative team for a design, interior and lifestyle in a PR company based in Covent Garden for a year and a half.

After being opened up to the world of design, Laura took a course in interiors at Chelsea, and then worked for a traditional interior design company out in the Oxfordshire countryside before joining the Hostmaker team earlier this year!

“I love working at Hostmaker for the freedom to imagine creatively for each exciting new space to bring vitality and personality to homes. The styling and final touches before the shoot is my absolute favourite part, and last minute buys at this stage means that I have got to know so many more local areas of London and many of it’s little hidden gems”

Favourite place in London: Notting Hill and all it’s quirks of course!

The home that you are most proud of: Lucy’s home in London Bridge

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Current interior design trend that you are obsessed with: Interior design inspired by escapism and wanderlust; dreamy mountain photography and botanical accessories

Quick design tip: Fresh flowers help give a flat have a human touch and bring a loved look to the photos. Ask your local florist to whip something up to suit the colours of your home and the size of your vase!


Becky Marshall

Hostmaker Designer since July 2016

Becky is our other Kiwi designer, and grew up in Auckland, New Zealand. With a dad who loves collecting items for the family home and a mum who is an artist, it was no surprise when Becky decided to study media design for her bachelor’s degree. But when she discovered her love for interior styling, Becky packed up and headed to London – much to everyone at Hostmaker’s delight!

“Working on a wide range of homes has made me step out of my comfort zone and has allowed me to explore new areas of London. I also love the challenge of being able to surprise and delight each and every host”


Favourite place in London: Soho, because it’s always bustling with people from all walks of life. There are always great shops to stumble upon and source new inspiration from.

The home that you are most proud of: Hus’ stable conversion near Borough

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Current interior design trend that you are obsessed with: The rustic lodge look, with large leather couches and sheepskin throws! It makes you want to dive in and snuggle up.

Quick design tip: Large lamps with Warm light bulbs always make a living room feel homely and welcoming!

Take a look at some of their other wonderful creations on our Pinterest portfolio, or read about other hosts who have been left delighted with their design services.

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